Updated Bank Details – JWS

JWS Europe Ltd has updated it’s bank account details for EURO and USD transactions. If you are a customer of JWS Europe and make bank transfers in either Euros or USD to us, please contact your sales rep to discuss these changes. Many thanks

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ToyMaster Approved Supplier

JWS Europe Ltd is happy to announce that we are an approved ToyMaster Supplier. If you belong to the ToyMaster family and are interested in sourcing a variety of leading skill and activity toy brands, why not contact our sales team to discuss how we can best meet your requirements. Read more…

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Spring 2017

On behalf of the whole team, welcome to the JWS Europe LTD site. For over 3 decades we have been firmly established as a dynamic leader in the production and distribution of quality skill and activity toys. At JWS Europe LTD, we pride ourselves on sourcing and manufacturing not only Read more…

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